Married Right Away - Susan Meier

Married Right Away

By Susan Meier

  • Release Date: 2014-06-15
  • Genre: Contemporary


MEDICAL CHART SPERM DONOR CLINIC patient: SAVANNAH GROGIN signature: Savannah Grogin donor: ETHAN McKENZIE signature: Ethan ltlclSen%ie


NOTES: 1 know 1 shouldn't forgp Ethans sgnature…but 1 know how badly my sister-wants- a ehild. Plus, 1 promised that 1d find her-a "good father."

Only problem is-, the best candidate that 1 know of is Ethan MyitfSenfoe—Savannah's former boss…

Ethan hasn,t been heard from in years—so nothing could happen if 1 just go ahead without his permission,, right? Savannah will get her precious baby…and Ethan will never findout.